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How to Choose the Right Background Music? Enhance the Mood of Your Video!

When it comes to creating impactful videos, background music plays a crucial role. The right choice of background music can enhance the mood and emotional impact of your video, captivating your audience from the first second to the last. However, selecting the perfect background music can be a daunting task, with numerous factors to consider.

First and foremost, determine the role you want the music to play in your video. Do you want it to provide a subtle lift, inject energy, or seamlessly match the mood portrayed on screen? Understanding the purpose will help you identify the type of music that will best serve your video’s narrative.

Genre is another critical aspect to explore while making your music selection. Different genres have the power to evoke specific emotions in your audience. Whether you’re aiming for a thrilling sensation, a heartwarming experience, or a sense of awe, choosing the appropriate genre is essential.

Consider your budget and the resources available to you for acquiring background music. If you’re looking for cost-effective options, there are plenty of platforms that offer free royalty-free music. On the other hand, if you have the means and desire for originality, hiring a composer to create custom music can provide a unique touch to your videos.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to have a deep understanding of your target audience. Familiarize yourself with their preferences and characteristics to select background music that resonates with them. This connection will help establish an emotional rapport with your viewers, leveling up the impact of your videos.

Lastly, while incorporating background music, pay attention to the frequency, tone, and volume. Strike a balance between the music and any voiceover or narration in your video, ensuring that the music enhances the experience without overpowering the spoken content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Decide the role the background music will play in your video to enhance its impact.
  • Choose a genre that aligns with the mood and emotions you want to convey.
  • Consider your budget and available resources for acquiring background music.
  • Understand your target audience to select music that resonates with them.
  • Maintain a balance between the music and any voiceover or narration in your video.

Where to Find Good Background Music for Videos

When it comes to finding the perfect background music for your videos, there are several sources you can explore. It’s important to source copyright-free music that aligns with your video’s theme and enhances its overall impact. Here are some popular options:

  1. Wistia’s Music Collection: Wistia offers a diverse range of royalty-free music that can be easily added to videos edited in their online video editor. Their collection includes a wide variety of genres and moods, allowing you to find the perfect musical accompaniment for your videos.
  2. Music Licensing Sites: Websites like, Epidemic Sound, Marmoset Music, Tunefruit, FirstCom, and MusicBed offer a vast selection of high-quality royalty-free music. These platforms have extensive libraries with tracks spanning various genres and styles, ensuring you can find the right music to suit your videos.
  3. Licensing Popular Artists: If you have a specific song in mind that you believe will elevate your video, you can explore licensing options for music from popular artists. This will add a unique touch to your videos and resonate with your audience.
  4. Hiring a Composer or Local Band: For those seeking a truly custom approach, hiring a composer or a local band can provide original music that perfectly complements your videos. This option allows you to create a unique sound that aligns with your brand and captures the essence of your video’s message.

As you incorporate background music into your videos, it’s essential to pay attention to the audio levels. The music should enhance your video without overpowering the spoken narrative. Finding the right balance ensures that your audience can fully engage with the content while enjoying the accompanying soundtrack. Remember, the audio levels play a crucial role in delivering an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

Source Features
Wistia’s Music Collection Easily added to Wistia’s online video editor Extensive library of high-quality royalty-free music
Epidemic Sound Wide range of genres and styles
Marmoset Music Curated selection of music tracks
Tunefruit Various genres available for licensing
FirstCom Large catalog of production music
MusicBed Music for commercials, films, and other media

Tips for Choosing the Best Background Music for Videos

When it comes to selecting the best background music for your videos, there are a few key tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, consider the mood you want to convey and choose music that aligns with that emotion. Whether you’re aiming for a upbeat and energetic vibe or a more mellow and introspective feel, the right music can enhance the overall impact of your video.

Another important aspect to consider is the genre of music that best suits your content and target audience. Different genres have the power to evoke specific emotions and resonate with different demographics. By selecting a genre that aligns with your video’s theme and the preferences of your target audience, you can create a stronger connection and elicit a more powerful response.

It’s crucial to avoid using corny digital instruments in your background music. Instead, opt for tracks with real instruments that provide an organic and authentic sound. This will help elevate the quality of your video and ensure that the music feels more genuine and captivating to your viewers.

Lastly, when incorporating background music into your video, make sure it remains in the background. The music should complement your message without overpowering the narrative or distracting viewers. It’s also a good idea to edit the music to fit the flow of your video, whether that means looping specific sections or making adjustments to the song structure. This level of customization can help create a seamless and engaging viewing experience for your audience.


What factors should I consider when choosing background music for my video?

When selecting background music for your video, consider the role the music will play, understand the genre that best suits your video, consider your budget and audience preferences, and be mindful of the music’s frequency, tone, and volume in relation to the voiceover or narration.

Where can I find good background music for my videos?

Some popular sources for background music include Wistia’s music collection, music licensing sites like, Epidemic Sound, Marmoset Music, Tunefruit, FirstCom, and MusicBed, and options for licensing music from popular artists or hiring a composer or local band for custom music.

What tips can help me choose the best background music for my videos?

Start by defining the desired mood, choose music that evokes the specific emotion you want your audience to feel, consider the role of the background music in complementing your message, select a genre that aligns with your video’s content and target audience, opt for organic-sounding tracks, edit the music to fit the flow of your video, and ensure that the background music remains in the background and does not overpower the spoken narrative.

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