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How to Edit and Incorporate Effective End Cards in Your Videos?

End screens are a valuable tool for optimizing engagement and increasing viewership on YouTube. By incorporating end cards into your videos, you can effectively promote your content, encourage subscriptions, and drive channel growth. In this article, we will explore how to edit and incorporate effective end cards that will captivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Key Takeaways:

  • End screens can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of a video to promote other videos, subscriptions, and more.
  • Your video must be at least 25 seconds long to add end screens.
  • Up to four elements can be added to your end screen, such as videos, playlists, subscribe buttons, and external links.
  • End screens are not available for videos set as made for kids, in the YouTube music app, flash videos, mobile web, or 360 videos.

How to Add End Screens to Your Videos

To incorporate end screens into your videos on YouTube, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps. Here’s a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the process:

  1. Step 1: Sign in to YouTube Studio
  2. Start by logging in to your YouTube Studio account.

  3. Step 2: Select the Video You Want to Edit
  4. Once you’re in YouTube Studio, navigate to your videos and choose the specific video you wish to edit.

  5. Step 3: Access the Editor Menu
  6. In the Editor menu for your selected video, locate and click on the “End screens” option.

  7. Step 4: Choose the Element to Add
  8. Within the End screens section, select the desired element you want to incorporate into your video. You have several options available, including templates, videos, playlists, subscribe buttons, channels, and external links.

  9. Step 5: Customize Your End Screen
  10. Take advantage of the customization options that YouTube Studio provides. You can modify your end screen by removing or changing existing elements, adjusting timing and placement, and previewing the end screen layout.

  11. Step 6: Save Your Changes
  12. Remember to save your changes once you’re satisfied with the end screen modifications you made for your video.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to effectively add end screens to your videos and enhance viewer engagement on YouTube.

Benefits of Adding End Screens Elements to Include in End Screens
  • Encourage subscriptions
  • Promote other videos
  • Boost channel growth
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Videos
  • Playlists
  • Subscribe buttons
  • External links

Now that you know how to add end screens to your videos using the YouTube Studio, it’s time to unleash your creativity and customize your end screens to maximize viewer engagement.

Best Practices for Creating Effective End Screens

When it comes to creating end screens for your videos, there are several best practices that can help you maximize their impact and achieve your desired goals. Whether you want to increase viewer engagement, drive subscriptions, or promote your brand, following these guidelines will ensure you create effective and visually appealing end screens.

Feature Relevant Videos

One of the key elements of a successful end screen is featuring relevant videos. This can be done by selecting videos that are related to the current video or part of a series. By showcasing additional content that aligns with the viewer’s interests, you can increase the chances of them continuing to watch your videos and explore your channel further.

Choose a Clear Call to Action

A call to action is essential to guide viewers on what action to take next. Use strong and persuasive language to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, watch the next video in the series, or visit your website. By clearly stating what you want them to do, you increase the likelihood of them following through and engaging with your content.

Promote Your Brand

The end screen is also an opportunity to promote your brand and create a cohesive visual experience for your viewers. Use consistent branding, colors, and logos throughout your end screens to reinforce your brand identity. This not only helps with brand recognition but also gives your videos a polished and professional look.

Consider Ideal Size and Visual Appeal

When designing your end screens, it’s important to consider the ideal size and visual appeal. End screens should be simple and visually appealing, with enough white space to avoid overcrowding. This allows viewers to focus on the content and easily navigate through the options provided. By creating visually appealing end screens, you capture the viewer’s attention and make it more likely for them to engage.

Provide Multiple Options for Engagement

Lastly, provide multiple options for viewers to engage with. This can include adding buttons to subscribe to your channel, watch another video, or visit your website. By giving viewers different ways to interact with your content, you increase the chances of them taking action and staying connected with your brand.

By implementing these best practices for creating effective end screens, you can enhance the viewer experience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive the growth of your YouTube channel.

End Screen Best Practices

End Screen Best Practices Benefits
Feature relevant videos – Increased viewer retention
Choose a clear call to action – Higher subscriber conversion
Promote your brand – Enhanced brand recognition
Consider ideal size and visual appeal – Improved viewer engagement
Provide multiple options for engagement – Increased viewer interaction


YouTube end cards are an invaluable tool for enhancing video engagement, driving subscriptions, and fostering channel growth. By incorporating end screens into your videos, you have the ability to guide viewers towards watching related content, exploring playlists, subscribing to your channel, and visiting your website.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your end screens involves following best practices like featuring relevant content, utilizing concise and compelling calls to action, and promoting your brand consistently. By adhering to these principles, you can captivate your audience and encourage them to take meaningful actions that contribute to the growth of your channel.

It is essential to regularly track and analyze the metrics surrounding your end screens in order to optimize their performance. By gaining insights from these metrics, you can refine your strategies, improve engagement, and ensure the continued expansion of your channel.


What are end screens and how do they work?

End screens are promotional elements that can be added to the last 5-20 seconds of a video on YouTube. They allow you to promote other videos, encourage subscriptions, and more. To add end screens, your video must be at least 25 seconds long. You can add up to four elements, such as videos, playlists, subscribe buttons, and external links, to your end screen. However, end screens are not available for videos set as made for kids, in the YouTube music app, flash videos, mobile web, or 360 videos.

How do I add end screens to my videos?

To add end screens to your videos, you need to sign in to YouTube Studio and select the video you want to edit. From the Editor menu, choose End screens and select the element you want to add, such as a template, video, playlist, subscribe button, channel, or external link. You can also customize your end screen by removing or changing elements, adjusting the timing and placement, and previewing the end screen. Don’t forget to save your changes.

What should I consider when creating end screens?

When creating end screens, it’s important to feature relevant videos, choose a clear call to action, and promote your brand. Feature videos that are related to the current video or in a series. Use calls to action to encourage viewers to subscribe, watch the next video, or visit your website. Promote your brand by using consistent branding, colors, and logos. Consider the ideal size for end screens and ensure they are simple and visually appealing. Use white space to avoid overcrowding and provide multiple options for viewers to engage with.

How can end screens help with video engagement and channel growth?

YouTube end screens are a powerful tool for increasing video engagement, driving subscriptions, and promoting channel growth. By adding end screens to your videos, you can direct viewers to watch related videos, playlists, subscribe to your channel, and visit your website. Following best practices, such as featuring relevant content, using clear calls to action, and promoting your brand, can help maximize the effectiveness of your end screens. Remember to regularly track and analyze end screen metrics to optimize their performance and continue growing your channel.

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